PRAY silence for the Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links who has concluded that none of Boris Johnson’s partying was “remotely defensible". Further that it was “pathetic” to suggest no rules were broken.

The Baroness, to be fair, used to have a very low opinion of the PM many years back. She’s no Jenny come lately in thinking the current occupant of Number 10 has the slenderest of relationships with the truth.

In fact when her pal Theresa May was defenestrated, she launched the leadership campaign of Sajid David on the grounds that Johnson lacked sufficient character for the top job.

When the character-free one got the keys to Downing Street after all, the then leader of the Scottish Tories found it possible to accept a peerage from him. Bygones being bygones and all that.

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Thus did the woman who campaigned to Remain in Europe and berated Brexiteer Boris, decided it was worth kissing the ring in exchange for a seat on the Tory benches in the one Chamber in the UK which doesn’t need to trouble the voters.

So much more seductive than defending a slender majority in her Edinburgh Holyrood seat.

Pray silence too for Douglas Ross, her successor as Scottish Tory leader and a man finally prepared to show his boss a red card for serially unbecoming conduct. This week he too broke cover suggesting it was “utterly despicable” if Number 10 was partying whilst everyone else was well locked down.

Further, he agreed his boss needed to quit if he was found to have broken his own rules.

In fairness to Moray MP, he did quit himself from a more junior role in the Scotland Office when he found Dominic Cummings account of his eyesight test breached the rules of common or garden credibility.

Like just about everybody else, bar the man who turned up for PMQs still saying that his drinks party “could be said technically to fall within the guidance”. Still advising the world to wait for the results of the official inquiry before leaping to any unfortunate conclusions.

Sadly for BJ, the chaps in the Commons were queuing up to ask him to resign with immediate effect, in order to protect the sliver of respect still accorded his government by what used to be known as the Tory faithful.

The National:

We can probably conclude that latter camp no longer includes the current and former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, who have clocked that the blond bombshell can’t any more be filed under “vote winner” south of the Border, an accolade he has never, in any event, managed to attract north of Carlisle.

Furthermore, the Better Together twins know that the PM is the SNP’s not so secret weapon and may have concluded, as Messrs Fraser and Tomkins have before them, that cutting loose from London is their last best hope of garnering enough support to save the “precious” Union.

It’s enough to make you hope Boris stays in post. Almost.