BORISAURUS is facing extinction, struggling in a tar pit of lies, sleaze, corruption and incompetence. Fresh allegations have emerged of partying at No 10 in May 2020, whilst the British public were having to heed strict Covid measures against social interaction in groups.

Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s implacable nemesis and the inescapable agent dedicated to his downfall, may have been the source of the latest revelations.

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Johnson’s principal private secretary Martin Reynolds sent invitations to 100 people to a party at No 10 to “enjoy the lovely weather” and “bring your own booze.” Rather than answer this latest revelation of exceptionalism by No 10 directly, Johnson is hiding behind the ongoing investigation by a senior civil servant Sue Gray into other breaches of government imposed Covid restrictions as regards socialising. He has invested all his hopes in an improbable whitewash by Gray. Could this prove to be the last act in the premiership of possibly the most incompetent British prime minister ever?

Sandy Gordon