SO Jack McConnell says: “Labour kept its promise to deliver the cross-party plan we created together” for a Scottish Parliament.

That statement itself shows in all its candour the lack of understanding by Labour of the sovereignty of the Scottish people – they still think what Scotland gets is to be decided by the establishment, of which Labour is an integral part. It was never Tony Blair’s or anyone else’s to give or take – it belonged to the sovereign Scottish people and we are the ones who voted for it.

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Labour have done nothing but try to stymie the Scottish Parliament and still show complete ignorance when it comes to reserved issues. The latest is Anas Sarwar saying that the Scottish Government is responsible for low pay – Labour stopped employment law from being added to Holyrood’s remit – but despite Labour actions Scotland still has the highest number of living wage employers in the UK.

And as for rewriting history, that is a joke since Labour has for more than 100 years said it would abolish the House of Lords but as LORD McConnell shows it is still stuffed with Labour MPs.

Winifred McCartney