We asked social media which other public figures should be stripped of their titles as backlash continues over Tony Blair's knighthood.

A petition to see the ex-Prime Minister's honour "rescinded" has received over 500,000 signatures after he was included in the New Year's Honours List. 

However, The National revealed yesterday that it looks like Blair is set to keep his knighthood - because no one knows how to remove it.

Here are the other public figures who should lose their titles, according to readers of The National...

Philip Green

The ex-chairman of the Arcadia group, which owned Topshop among other high street chains, was a popular candidate to lose the knighthood he received in 2006. 

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One reader wrote "'Sir' Philip Green would be high up my list" in response to the question "who else would you like to see lose their title?"

Another agreed, adding his actions while at the head of BHS and Arcadia led to "thousands of people losing their jobs and pension money".


Those who responded also want to see various peers lose their titles. 

One wrote: "Malcolm Offord, Ruth Davidson and Ian Duncan. All rejected by the electorate, all made peers so they can be forced on us anyway. We need to leave."

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Another suggested "All Labour peers but George Foulkes in particular", while someone else said: "I would only remove the titles from those who didn't earn the right to sit in an unelected second house."

Political party donors

Some commenters suggested all political party donors should have their honours removed. 

In November last year, the Metropolitan Police decided not to launch a probe into Tory "cash for honours" claims after The Sunday Times and Open Democracy found 15 of the last 16 of the Conservative Party's treasurers have been offered a seat in the Lords. 

The Royal Family 

Lots of readers said that the Royal Family should be stripped of their titles, with one comment reading: "The Monarchy, House of Lords and the honours system... GB has barely progressed into the 19th century, let alone the 21st."

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"All of them"

The most popular answer by far in response to the question "who else would you like to see lose their title" was "all of them". 

Many commenters want to see the system in its entirety abandoned.

One wrote: "All of them - no need for gongs that celebrate Empire & titles granted by descendants of tribal warlords and land-thieves."

Another added: "All of them. The system is so rotten and discredited that it reflects badly even on those who deserve them."

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