BBC Scotland’s Selling Scotland programme on December 30 covered a history of Scottish TV adverts.

Usefully, the programme reminded us that an advert for Tennent’s Lager featuring Dougie MacLean’s Caledonia was removed after just three weeks. The ad’s very successful theme was a homesick Scot quitting London for home. We were informed that The Sunday Times wrote that this ad was a “blatant piece of SNP propaganda” and that this attack led to the patriotic ad being pulled.

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This seems similar to the treatment of Scots Wha Hae. This patriotic anthem is nowhere played by the British armed forces. By massive contrast, it is recognised in mainland Europe as a standard civic-occasion march befitting full military band or orchestral treatment. There it is called the March of the Soldiers of Robert Bruce. I have heard recordings by the German army, the French army, the French police, the French navy and other regiments.

Seems the British are determined to erase all forms of Scottish patriotism as a political danger.

Councillor Tom Johnston