DAVID Pratt’s article in Thursday’s National echoed exactly my own views on the despicable Margaret Thatcher (Scots must fight Johnson just as they did Thatcher, Dec 23).

I well remember being appalled and horrified by the TV images of the striking miners being subjected to unnecessary and unjustified brutality by the so-called upholders of law and order.

I also remember being outraged by the appearance of Alex Salmond at this loathsome woman’s funeral service in St Paul’s Cathedral, this while effigies of the witch were being burnt atop pyres by former mining communities throughout the UK. I have never forgiven Salmond for the craven obsequiousness that that represented.

Did the people of Scotland learn nothing during the reign of Thatcher? Scotland has to rid herself, once and for all, of the toxicity, corruption and exceptionalism of Westminster before it’s too late.

It’s time to get off our knees. Independence is now desperately urgent.

D Henderson