AN independent Scotland can lead the renewable energy revolution. We can help save the planet from the catastrophic effects of climate change.


- Possesses 25 per cent of Europe’s offshore wind and tidal resources

- Has 90 per cent of the UK’s hydro power

- Boasts 60 per cent of the UK’s onshore wind capacity

- Generated 97.4 per cent of its own electricity demand from renewables in 2020

Scotland’s north-east is a world-leading region for oil and gas expertise, but the North Sea’s billions were diverted to Westminster and the opportunity to invest in and transform Scotland’s economy was wasted.

Now we’re being told we’re too poor to be an independent nation, while smaller but independent Norway became the world’s wealthiest country.

With 1 per cent of Europe’s population, Scotland possesses 25 per cent of its offshore wind and tidal resources. We got lucky twice with the North Sea, let’s not allow Westminster to waste this new opportunity.

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Independence will allow Scotland to lead a just transition from oil and gas to renewables, transforming Scotland and the north-east into a global economic leader in renewable energy.

Remaining part of the UK makes that impossible. In 2014, then UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey promised major investment in the world’s first gas-fired carbon capture and storage facility at Peterhead. This year the long-awaited funding for that plant was diverted to England.

Westminster has cut investment in Scottish renewable development and prioritised nuclear power plants in England.

Only independence guarantees that our renewables industry will thrive and support our nation’s wellbeing.

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