SO, “Support for Indy has skyrocketed to 55%” has it? (Dec 2). Exactly what difference will that make? As far as the SNP are concerned, and they are the only party who can get us independence at the moment, it will make very little difference.

The response from Keith Brown, the SNP Depute Leader says it all. He “welcomes this extremely encouraging poll”. But then goes on to qualify this welcome by saying “However we will continue to make the case to the people of Scotland of how we can build a fairer greener and more prosperous nation as an independent country.”

Doesn’t he realise that without independence he can’t build a fairer, greener and more prosperous nation? Until we have independence Westminster will continue to shove us down the road of privatising our NHS, filling our shops with hormone enhanced beef from America and Australia all to the detriment of the people of Scotland.

Westminster is doing nothing to protect our fisheries or our farmers; and the sale of the NHS to the American drug companies in exchange for another poor trading deal with America will be their next step!

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SNP MPs and MSPs have repeatedly told us that we need independence to enable us to take the actions required to counter the financial crisis caused by Brexit and Covid. Therefore, independence should be placed above the Brexit and the Covid issues in order of importance.

Instead, Keith Brown finished his comment by entirely disregarding the poll and telling us that “there is a clear, substantial majority, (from last May’s election), in the Scottish parliament for a fresh referendum once the Covid crisis has passed.”

Sorry, no! I voted for the SNP because I want them to get me independence as quickly as possible. Not to wait until the Covid crisis is past before doing so.

We had a similar load of twaddle from Alyn Smith, yesterday (Action on Covid doesn’t mean inaction on Indy, page 17). He tells us that at the conference they talked about this and they talked about that. And that’s the trouble with the SNP – they talk a lot but we see little action.

The only good thing I take from their conference is the fact that Tim Rideout was able to lay before the conference some of his financial plans about a Reserve Bank and adopting our own currency from day one of independence. Otherwise, by sticking with sterling we would still be under the financial control of the Bank of England. Do you think they would make it easy for us? Because I don’t! Everything else was just talk about what they will, or might, do.

Smith also tells us that these policies although radical are still “within the constraints of this antiquated Union: with independence the full economic levers will be released”. Is that not what I said above about Keith Brown’s response? We can’t do what’s needed to recover our economy and make our country fairer and greener without independence.

Yet, Alyn Smith goes on to say, “We have waited 87 years for independence. We can wait a little longer so that we can hold a referendum without being restricted by Covid.”


In fact, science is now considering that, with a substantial percentage of our population still not vaccinated, it is possible that new variants could develop here in Scotland. What sort of damage is going to continue to be done to our economy by Westminster policies and actions while we sit around and wait for that Covid-free day that might come in about five or 10 years’ time – or never?

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When the SNP drop the qualification that “the referendum will be held after Covid is past”, then I will believe that they actually intend holding one. Until then I will be of the same opinion as the former UK diplomat Craig Murray, who was released from prison this week and stated about Nicola Sturgeon’s intention to hold a 2023 referendum “I shall believe it when I see it”.

Charlie Kerr


SOMETHING that annoys me is some people criticising folk for talking about an issue other than independence, especially when they are defending themselves (and often their own existence) against attack and misinformation, and telling them it is a distraction or to try to get on with the people attacking them.

It very much makes me think of telling someone to “sit down and talk with your bully” rather than getting the bully to stop bullying and it is perfectly possible to care about more than one thing at once and not have to wait on one goal to be achieved before trying for others.

Elizabeth A Fraser