I’VE had it with this fool Boris Johnson. The speech to the CBI must be the ultimate plotus losticus. I do have a Higher Latin, but from 1970, so I do not apologise for having forgotten a lot. I shall search my archive for a Latin grammar or dictionary to find the right words for liar, thief, destroyer of democracy, absolute clown and inordinate embarrassment.

Statesman? My posterior. I am sure I will find those words, as the Senate was also full of similarly appalling, self-serving and entitled pap.

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That this man should represent the UK as a statesman is beyond a joke, an aberration, an embarrassment beyond tolerance. Get rid of the idiot and for God’s sake get Scotland out of this Whitehall/Romano farce.

Wendy Wilson
via email

WHAT makes Johnson’s blundering buffoonery so glaringly obvious is the contrast displayed (for the world to see) in the calm confident competence of Nicola Sturgeon, the Prime Minister designate of Scotland.

I am quite certain the Wee Ginger Dug barked and growled at the absurd perfomance while its owner gave us another excellent essay in The National.

Thom Cross