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VETERAN broadcaster Andrew Marr announced on Friday he is packing it in at the BBC, making a move to LBC to “get my own voice back”.

Throughout his 21-year stretch at the BBC, Marr found that voice – and raised a few eyebrows in the process (and caused a number of complaints).

Often, that voice has been to say why Scotland isn't able to become a prosperous independent nation – despite countries of a similar size having a far better quality of life than the UK.

Whether it’s the economy, foreign plots for indy, or the EU turning its nose up to a Scotland outside the UK, Marr has fallen into several Unionist traps during his tenure hosting the show.

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Here are some of his worst to date.

Scotland can’t afford independence

It’s a well-trodden path and Marr has walked it again and again. On May 9, the BBC host said Scotland’s finances are “subsidised by English taxpayers” - something he said would cease after independence.

Nicola Sturgeon instantly hit back, saying she didn’t accept Marr’s characterisation, as Scotland pays its taxes just like those in England.

Sturgeon rightly pointed out that Marr’s argument is one against the current system and that Scotland outwith Westminster's grasp would have full control of its finances.

Scotland may not be too poor, too wee, or too stupid for independence but it is definitely too tired for this old and debunked myth.

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Independence is a Russian plot

Among the more curious assertions about independence made on the BBC, Marr suggesting independence is a Russian plot has to be among one of only ones to sound like it’s from a low-budget James Bond rip-off.

He asked Russian Ambassador Andrey Vladimirovich Kelin if he is "interested in the cause of Scottish nationalism".

He continued: "The reason I ask is that there are many people in this Government and the Conservative party at least, who feel that Russia is enthusiastic about breaking up the UK."

It is perhaps a peculiar claim given how much the Conservative Party is bankrolled by Russian donors, receiving £3.5 million in 2019.

Most Scots don't consider Russia when considering independence so Marr may be better suited to asking questions about Tory donors than Scottish voters.

Scotland won’t get back into the EU as an independent country

Parroting another Unionist scare tactic, Marr claimed to then First Minister Alex Salmond that Scotland would not get into the EU.

“I think it’ll be quite hard to get back in [EU membership] for Scotland,” Marr said.

This was before the Scottish independence referendum, and as we know, Marr couldn’t be any more wrong.

Perhaps one of the most stunning failures of the Unionist campaign was the utter disaster of Scotland being taken out of the EU against its will – all while being told the Union was the only way to protect Scotland's place in Europe.

Hindsight truly is a wonderful thing.

Scotland handled Covid worse than England

The National: Andrew Marr was accused of acting like an attack dog against Nicola SturgeonAndrew Marr was accused of acting like an attack dog against Nicola Sturgeon

Facing more accusations of an anti-independence slant, the Andrew Marr Show received more complaints of “bias” than any other issue in the period from November 23 to December 6, 2020 after an interview with the First Minister.

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Marr was accused of acting like an attack dog against Sturgeon in pursuit of character assassination while suggesting Scotland handled the second Covid wave worse than England.

However, the National’s fact check service found: “The second wave only spread to Scotland after it had taken hold in England.

"Andrew Marr’s reference to the rising death toll in Scotland sidestepped the fact that a worse relapse had already occurred in England.”

Perhaps Marr’s focus on grilling the First Minister took a backseat here to the reality of the situation.

And maybe if Marr applied this sort of vigour all around, the BBC would have had less complaints.

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The all Unionists line-up

The National: The Andrew Marr Show did not have a single pro-Scottish independence voice onThe Andrew Marr Show did not have a single pro-Scottish independence voice on

Joining much of the BBC’s indy coverage, Marr has been hit with allegations of bias for years.

One such accusation was levelled at the host when he decided that in his final series programme before 2021’s historic election it would be a great idea to host an all-unionist line-up.

While viewers were treated to the delights of the editor of the Telegraph and football linesman Douglas Ross, not a single pro-Scottish indy voice was heard on the show – despite pro-independence parties going on to win a majority in Holyrood.

Not only did a pro-Scottish independence party get zero representation on the show, the Tories even got two – with Ross being joined by avid holidaymaker Dominic Raab.

If Marr’s goal was to overtake Question Time in lack of representation of pro-independence parties then at least he is winning at something.