NICOLA Sturgeon announced earlier this week that she now thinks the development of the Cambo oil field should not go ahead and Lesley Riddoch discusses what Westminster will decide as all the levers lie with the UK Government.

Lesley discusses that the statement was "rowed back" by SNP officials with references to the UK's snub to a Scottish carbon capture scheme.

She highlights that the key question is about the exploitation of undeveloped oil fields and it "doesn't get mitigated or dealt with well by being mixed in with the carbon capture issue".

Carbon capture is a "technology that isn't proven anywhere in the world," Lesley said. "If it succeeded - experts suggest - would actually mitigate one ten-thousandth of the emissions we will produce and actually can only operate if the fossil fuel industry keeps producing carbon to capture."

She asks how the Scottish Government can make decisions for a Just Transition away from fossil fuels if all the key levers lie in Westminster.

Challenging the Scottish Government's true green credentials 

Watch Leslie's full video column below: