The National:

IT appears more than a few Unionist feathers were ruffled by our unprecedented campaign to distribute one million pro-independence newspapers across Scotland.

The National has teamed up with Believe in Scotland and the SNP for what is one of the biggest newspaper printing operations in Scottish history.

The eight-page newspaper will feature original pieces from Nicola Sturgeon and other senior figures, focusing on wellbeing and how Scots will be better off in an independent Scotland.

In the run-up to publication, The National went to our print plant for a behind-the-scenes look at how we are making one million newspapers.

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The National posted a simple 10-second video on Twitter showing a sneak peek inside the plant where the newspapers are produced.

Bizarrely, that rattled some cages and 40,000 views and hundreds of comments later, Unionists took to social media to express their fury.

Union flag Twitter wasted no time in making wild claims about the funding of the project, the environmental cost of the newspapers and even "poison ink".

Alex Cole-Hamilton even joined in, tweeting: “Never have so many trees died in vain."

SNP MP James Dornan was quick to quip back: "Never has so much hot air been expelled in vain."

The LibDem leader will be pleased to learn that newspapers in the UK are made from 100% recycled newspaper.

Others took to feigning green rage, with one person tweeting: “They clearly have money to burn. Literally. So much for her faux display of deep concern for the environment at #COP26.”

Another said: “Deforestation to produce a forest of lies. How very climate-conscious, straight in the bin.”

User Bethany replied to the Unionist rage, saying: “They do know that the government doesn't pay for this right? “It's not money coming out of unionists pockets?"

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She suggested the anger might be better placed elsewhere: "The anger in this thread, misguided and unnecessary anger that should be pointed south to Westminster and the amount of our money they and friends pocket!"

The National: One million copies of The National's eight-page independence newspaper were produced in less than two daysOne million copies of The National's eight-page independence newspaper were produced in less than two days

And Jim Byrne replied to all the concern for the environment, saying: “We're harvesting your troll energy and selling it into the national grid for cash.”

That’s one way to go green.

But we are glad Unionists are taking note of the campaign and wish them a well-enjoyed read as one million homes start to receive their very own independence newspaper!