The National:

THERE has been a lot controversial about COP26.

Boris Johnson not wearing a mask while sat next to treasured naturalist David Attenborough. Jeff Bezos, a man who takes wee trips into space just for an afternoon’s fun, telling us how he’s going to help save the Earth. Fossil fuel lobbyists flooding the talks. Reports that Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia are among the countries trying to slow down the move away from fossil fuels. World leaders swanning around Scotland’s biggest city while residents face closures, nonsensical diversions and general disruption to daily life. (To name but a few.)

According to a report in The Hill, one of America’s top political news sites, there’s something else controversial at the UN event … Irn-Bru.

The news site shared an article about popular Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trying the drink for the first time after Nicola Sturgeon provided her with a can. The Democrat had been asking for advice on how to get her hands on the drink earlier that day.

A tweet shared by the website reads: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gives thumbs up on controversial orange fizzy drink at COP26”.

Irn-Bru? Controversial? We do remember a big row around the time they changed the recipe, but that’s about it …

The National:

According to the news site, they consider the drink to be controversial because it was banned from Trump’s Turnberry resort in 2018 and apparently received “mixed reviews” from delegates.

Given there were people from nearly 200 countries at COP26, it’s not a huge surprise that Bru might not have been to some people’s tastes.

Rwandan delegate Malaika Doucelline Rousseau was quoted as telling The Guardian: “It’s not very good. It’s like water with a strong sugar taste with a little bit of flavor.”

Meanwhile Irn-Bru were celebrating the fact that “Scotland’s ginger nectar has made such a splash with delegates from across the globe”.

The National:

Social media users weren’t sure that some delegates not liking Irn-Bru means it counts as a controversial beverage.

“What’s controversial about a tin of juice you rocket,” joked Jack Brotherhood.

“Roaster,” added campaigner Rory Maclean.

“It’s really not controversial. That squirt-cheese s*** you lot devour is controversial,” wrote another user.

AOC was pleased with her first taste, anyway. “Count me in. I love it,” she told her millions of Instagram followers.