IT was good to see fellow Dundonian Brian Cox on the Andrew Marr show (also a Dundonian, but we’ll whisper that one).

He was promoting his book, and he also spoke about politics. Brian said Scotland been sidelined and ignored, especially during and since the Thatcher years. That was why he’d moved to SNP.

Great that such an international star is given a platform on BBC to talk about “his country” and air his views!

Elizabeth Kane

WATCH: Starmer stunned as Brian Cox destroys Labour and makes case for independence

AS Brian indicated while tapping on his watch, how much time have you got to tell the many ways Scotland have been abused, sidelined and ignored? I think he was being far too polite and Starmer got off too lightly but I’m sure given an hour or so Starmer would be nursing a bent ear and a much deserved bootprint on his arse.

Roy Loughran

Well done, a man comfortable in his own skin and not a victim of cringe! Bravo Brian!!

Euan Lindsay