PATRICK Harvie has underlined he will be using the COP26 conference to raise the issue of independence with politicians across Europe and the wider world.

The Scottish Greens co-leader is meeting senior figures from other countries during the two-week event, with a programme of speakers organised for a hub in Glasgow hosted by the party and launched by the Green European Foundation and European Green Party.

At the centre in Bath Street yesterday, leaflets were distributed highlighting the core Green Yes case entitled Independent Scotland in Europe.

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They said: “Westminster democracy is broken. And now, despite promises made during the 2014 referendum, Scotland has been dragged our of the EU against our will. This isn’t democracy.

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“Independence will let us build a truly democratic and representative nation state. Independence is also our only route back to EU membership, delivering Scotland our own seat at the European table and giving us back the right to work, travel and study across Europe.”

Speaking to The National after the launch of the Greens hub, Harvie, who since August has been a minister in Nicola Sturgeon’s government, was asked if he would be raising independence with fellow Green politicians from other parts of the world at COP26.

“Yes, we talk about Scotland’s desire to get back into the European family and there is a very warm response to that from the European Green party,” he said.

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“Although the UK is now out of the EU, the Scottish Greens are very much members of the European Green Party.

“There are a number of other non-EU member states where the national Green party is part of the European Green family. We will continue that.”

He added: “We have a number of meetings, formal and social, during the next couple of weeks.

“We are going to be meeting with the wider European and global Green family and we will be forcing the fact that Scotland wants to be part of the international community and an active internationalist part of this community.”

Asked whether he would be trying to get support for independence, he said: “There are a number of Green voices in the European Green family who have come out to back our position on independence.”

He added: “A number of our European Green colleagues both in national parliaments and in the European Parliament have lived and studied in Scotland, have a deep sense of affection for Scotland, and I know would very much welcome Scotland rejoining not just into the EU but into the wider international community as well.”

The National also asked Harvie whether he believed there would be a second independence referendum within the current Holyrood parliament. “Yes,” he said.

He was pressed why, given Boris Johnson’s opposition to agree to a new vote and doubts whether a vote using Holyrood legislation would be ruled legitimate by the Supreme Court.

Harvie replied: “Well, I regard it as legitimate. I think the public appetite is there, the democratic mandate is there and I think any UK Government that wants to use the courts to frustrate Scotland’s democratic will is taking a position that is indefensible and shameless.”

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Asked if thought the Yes side would win, he replied: “Yes”.

The Greens hold ministerial roles in several countries in the European Union with most Green ministers expected to attend COP26.

They include Eamon Ryan, Ireland’s climate action and transport minister who is also leader of the Irish Green Party, and Isabella Lovin, the Green’s minister for the environment and climate and deputy prime minister of Sweden.

Green ministers from Belgium, Austria and Finland are also due to attend COP26, which runs until November 12.

Yannick Jadot, who is a French presidential candidate and Green MEP, is also expected to attend.

Last week, the First Minister said she would not be raising the subject of independence with world leaders.