I DESPAIR at the letters printed in the National that refer to Scotland as being too wee, too poor and basically too rubbish at anything else according to the authors.

All this by implication, where said authors go on to describe, in great lengths, the absolute and over-powerful so called government that is Westminster, led by its totally incompetent but somehow effective leader Boris Johnson.

It’s no wonder that readers of such pathetic scribbles might despair themselves into thinking that Scotland does not stand a scooby of ever becoming an independent nation where, so it seems, Johnson not only holds all the aces but the whole deck of one suited cards, covered in black spots.

Regardless of the fact that the Scottish SNP government has won several elections hence its continued role in government, has created a mandatory requirement for independence from its voters, has had recognition in Westminster that Scotland’s people are sovereign and so entitled to a government of its own choice.

And where the 1707 Union is just that and subject to agreement of governance from both sides; where such agreement has no constitution to oversee it, and where the forever majority English side continually makes and breaks policy as a result of its undemocratic existence.

Why must we be continually reminded of what the majority of Scotland already understands about Johnson and his government? We should, instead, be discussing more of what it is that Scotland needs to look forward to, beneath the control of a Scottish constitution. Not looking back to, dare I suggest, what Scotland was pre-2014.

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Scotland is no longer too wee, poor, or weak. The people of Scotland are much stronger now. We no longer fall for the Westminster attempts to undermine our sense of equality, integrity and democracy. We are richer in our understanding of politics sufficient to create thinking groups within our national Yes movement. And most of all, taller in status as a nation deserving and receiving respect from other countries which have gone before us to their own independence.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

I WAS agreeing with 90% of Dan Wood’s letter (Oct 19), until I got to the last bit: “We have to put all our considerable talents to a democratic, legal solution before it’s too late”. But the Tories will always insist on their own loaded version of what they falsely label “democratic”. As for “legal”, lawyers’ arguments about what we can do have never been fully tested in court, and there is disagreement, amongst lawyers, about what the outcome should be, if they ever were. Committing ourselves to what our opponents will accept as “legal” would be fighting with one hand tied behind our backs.

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As for “Let’s start to fight back now” – some of us already started. To quote the conclusion of our latest Radical Independence Angus leaflet: “Never mind asking Boris Johnson. He can shove his ‘Permission’ up his erse. We say the Scottish Parliament should push ahead with organising a referendum now. A specific target date for the referendum could be set NOW. And as soon as we’ve got a target date, we’ll be campaigning for Yes to independence. A referendum can involve far more folk than ever turn out for party-political elections. We could win a really decisive Yes. And the minute it becomes clear that’s the result, as far as we’re concerned, THAT will be our immediate Declaration of Independence; a declaration signed, not just by a few professional politicians, but by The People. Okay, so the lawyers might take a bit longer to catch up with us.”

Dave Coull
Findowrie, near Brechin

ALL newspapers, irrespective of the country they are published in or the political party they favour, carefully edit what they report. That is just par for the course. However, that should not apply when dealing with those who support the same cause.

Kevin McKenna explained the problem exceedingly well in his National article dated October 13 (‘Those who criticise our politicians have every right to express opinions’). With local elections just around the corner, the word “Independence” will find its way into the local election fray. It will be mentioned by elected members who last spoke enthusiastically about that dream when it was last required in previous elections.

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The Alba Party has made it clear that they will be contesting the local elections in May, as is their right. Alba was of the view during the Scottish elections that they could work with the SNP. Unfortunately, this was rejected out of hand. The SNP should be working with all independence activists including those within the Alba Party.

There is no doubt that this resistance to working together is coming from the First Minister and those close to her. They, in turn, pass their edict down the line and so it goes on. There is no room for democratic debate within the new SNP. Obedience to the leadership is very much obligatory if you want to remain on the ruling SNP chessboard. Holding on to power and bringing in self-ID and the Hate Crime Bill has become more important than achieving Scottish independence. Unfortunately, some SNP elected members are only too happy to forget about unity of purpose if it shows loyalty to the FM by attacking Alba members.

Notwithstanding, between now and the next election there will be a concentrated effort in presenting Nicola Sturgeon as an all-embracing, baby-kissing, and liberal-minded friend to all. The photographs will be less stern; more amenable to an electorate hoping to be led up and over the hill. Unfortunately, there will also be an increase in negative articles about members of the independence-supporting Alba Party. A united front against our real foes, the Unionist parties, should be the priority. It is all about priorities.

Bill Clark
Fort William