FINALLY it is being recognised by Ian Blackford and Westminster MPs that they have to up their game on the subject of independence. I was flabbergasted by the limp “off the cuff” response of our Westminster leader when he was asked directly by The National what “measures” they intended to introduce in any new campaigning

Trotted out was the statement of the obvious which anyone interested in Scottish and Westminster politics would have at their fingertips. The clear issue – no, major concern – for any activist reading this is that it seems that our large cohort of MP do not meet regularly, virtually or otherwise, to discuss the furtherance of the independence cause, or have a day-to-day strategy that “takes on” this right-wing Tory government – which any Scot can see is intent on destroying devolution, insults our aspirations of independence, and undermines our legal, educational and social institutions.

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Their daily derision of our Holyrood parliament, our MPs and First Minister has become a sport for their baying front- and backbenchers and most vehemently from the Tory MPs in Scotland. How is this dealt with by our SNP MPs? Individually we have MPs who will vigorously “fight our corner” but as a group nothing but silence, and even worse they play and concede to the Westminster game day in, day out with due reverence paid to their outdated traditions and cowtowing to a Speaker who never brings to task attacks made on what is the third-largest party in their parliament.

We need action not words from Ian Blackford and our MPs, not platitudes. Can they not see that acquiescence to this outdated parliament, to a Tory party which Scotland never votes for, is met with derision and contempt and will do for at least another 10 years? Can I and many other independence supporters ask our 40-plus MPs to “get their act together” and take the independence cause direct to this bankrupt Tory party and government?

The SNP has some of the most articulate MPs at Westminster – many are “big beasts” of our party. Please let them loose to make their mark for independence at a parliament that does little and cares little for Scotland. Next time The National asks what campaign initiatives the SNP are doing at Westminster it will be a rhetorical question, as the actions taken will be obvious to all!

Dan Wood

IT’S that time of year again. The SNP St Andrew’s day raffle tickets have arrived addressed to my partner. They (20 of them) come with a sheet of wee stickers with your name and address on them so that you can easily sell all of the tickets to yourself, in the event you sadly don’t have any friends or family you can persuade to buy them.

The accompanying letter from the First Minister says: “Every ticket you buy today will make a difference, contributing to the SNP’s success, and helping us move Scotland forward to independence.”

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The letter also includes a wee box where you can “add a personal donation for the party’s General Campaign Fund.” No mention of ring-fencing this time.

Our great dilemma is, given that Police Scotland are still ferreting around in the party’s accounts and associated paperwork trying to find the previously ring-fenced £600,000 apparently well woven into these accounts, should we send them even more money? The party has done very little recently to “move Scotland forward to independence.” Should we not instead give a donation to the likes of Believe in Scotland or even The National, who at least seem to be making a bit more of an effort?

Glenda Burns