DOUGLAS Ross’s relationship with the UK Government has been going through a bit of a rocky patch.

Last week, the Scottish Tory leader was unhappy about Boundary Commission plans to carve up his Westminster constituency of Moray.

“Under these proposals,” he said, “many historic local links would be lost and Moray’s identity diluted”.

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Now, Ross has been left “disappointed” after his bosses in London decided to hand funding for a carbon capture project to Northern England instead of what he described as a “good bid” from the Acorn Project, based at the St Fergus gas terminal in Aberdeenshire.

In her latest video column, Lesley Riddoch contradicts Ross to claim that the decision from the UK Government has “nothing to do” with the technical arguments, and everything to do with politics.

Acknowledging that carbon capture as a technology is controversial as a way of tackling climate change, Riddoch looks instead at the core of the issue: why didn’t the funding come to Scotland?

Has Boris Johnson stopped worrying about Scotland, and decided instead just to ignore it?

Lesley Riddoch addresses all of this in her newest video column, which you can watch in full below: