IT’S a phenomenon that is hard to explain. Boris remains unsaleable north of the Border and yet unassailable in the south. No-one can deny the economy is floundering or that he is a poor shadow of a man to be Prime Minister. The Dis-United Kingdom is in a bad way and things are only getting worse. And yet Boris remains.

The only feasible explanation must be the rise of English nationalism. What else can it be? It encourages irrational thinking, the us v them mentality that blinds you to reality and making informed decisions. Successful self-determination is linked to cooperation with other countries. Post-Brexit England hasn’t realised that yet.

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I also feel many English voters still feel unfairly treated and disadvantaged. They witness the devolution of Scotland with our free further education and prescriptions and believe the myth that they pay for it! The Tory party fuel this propaganda to drive the British (English) flag-waving agenda to new heights and without proper scrutiny from the media including the BBC.

The desire to regain absolute national autonomy has driven the English to vote for Boris. And what do Labour do? They adopt some Tory policies feeling that’s the way to regain power. But what does Boris do? He appears to adopt some Labour policies and soundbites to retain the Labour votes! Meanwhile they are posturing, the country goes to the dogs with the creation of a promised land a long way off!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus