ON the day that Boris Johnson attempted to burnish his UK Government's green credentials with the announcement of a carbon net-zero plan (which claims with Johnson's typical hyperbole to be set to create up to 440,000 jobs and greatly expand the use of electric cars and development of wind energy), a major carbon capture project in Scotland has seen its funding bid snubbed.

Environmentalists say that carbon capture is greenwashing which merely extends the life of fossil fuel companies - but the point today is that yet again Scottish measures to tackle climate change are being sacrificed on the altar of Conservative political ambitions.

The National: David Cameron has accepted he should have communicated with the Government “through only the most formal of channels”

The funding for a Scottish carbon capture project has gone the same way as the massive investment in Scotland's renewable energy industry which was promised by David Cameron in 2014.

The Acorn Project, which would capture and store carbon emissions from the North Sea and the Grangemouth refinery, is now to be delayed until at least the 2030s. Priority funding has been given to similar projects in Humberside and Lancashire, areas which are entirely coincidentally in so-called "red wall" regions of England...

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