THE re-appearance of Ruth Davidson on ITV – not that I witnessed it and never wish to do so – got me thinking.

Johnson and his cronies, having achieved their goal of avoiding the EU anti-tax evasion measures, have thereby dumped the UK in such chaos that an escape route from their bourach is required.

However, retaining their cash cow Scotland remains a priority! Does anyone else suppose that having Ruth Davidson plucked from the House of Lords and planted in a safe Tory seat to become the next PM prior to the next indyref might well be the ploy going round the exceedingly devious minds of Westminster?

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I for one became a lifelong non-Tory having witnessed a similar stunt executed for diplomatic reasons on my home turf as a schoolboy in the mid 1960s, and believe it is not beyond the realms of possibility to witness a similar repeat by our alleged history-loving current failure of a Prime Minister.

Tom Gray