SO Alister Jack does not like the phrase “a four nations approach.” He prefers the United Kingdom one nation approach, as it makes this place, this island nation sound greater, bigger, more important on the world stage.

We the people, the electorate, do not know if the Westminster and Scottish Tories are going to recognise Scotland as a nation, even though the United Nations, Fifa, Uefa and the European Union do. Is Scotland going to become part of greater England?

What a dilemma for the Scottish Secretary of State – is he planning to make his position redundant? And line his pockets with a redundancy payment?

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It may come as a bit of a surprise to Alister Jack, as Secretary of State for Scotland, but his role involves ensuring that Scotland’s interests (notice the word “best” is missing) are effectively represented and presented to the beating heart of the Westminster government.

As for the Scotland Office based in Edinburgh, they are responsible for representation of Scottish affairs and liaising between Westminster and Holyrood, and matters reserved to Westminster such as the drugs acts and leaving the EU.

Now can someone inform me of the positive work that Alister Jack has done to promote Scottish interests for the benefit of Scotland and its people in his tenure as Secretary of State for Scotland? In fact what has he done for the communities in his constituency, far less Scotland?

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What has the Scotland Office liaised on with Holyrood, to the benefit of the Scottish people? What goes on in that building, what schemes and devilment do they have in store for Scotland? Both the Scotland Office and Secretary of State should have the word “Against” emblazoned in their titles.

The late Donald Dewar MP, MSP and first minister, stated: “There shall be a Scottish Parliament.” He could not possibly foresee a Cameron government, or a May government, that would implement such cruel and calculated austerity measures, and now a extreme right-wing Boris Johnson government that has taken us out of Europe and introduced us to English exceptionalism in Europe’s place.

Donald Dewar is sometimes referred to as the “Father of Devolution” but even as the political beast he was, he could not have predicted a day when the Labour Party either supported the Tories or abstained. He could not also foresee the day when the Labour Party had no socialists in it.

Donald Dewar’s statue stands adjacent to the stairs at the top of Buchanan Street. I doubt if there will ever be a statue to Mundell, Jack, or Douglas Ross anywhere in Scotland, except maybe next to the Duke of Sutherland responsible for the Highland Clearances.

Robert McCaw

SLAISTER Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, is a toom tabard. This jobsworth and mere servile Tory functionary is supposed to represent and champion Scotland’s interests in Cabinet. That is nothing more than lame supposition – the invisible man has more presence.

Jack is too busy genuflecting to the blond buffoon in order to enhance his sordid political career than in properly serving in Scotland’s interest. Jack has absolutely no ambition whatsoever for Scotland, in fact he’d rather see Scotland as a vassal state within this disunited kingdom. A typical callous, black-hearted Tory, Jack doesn’t see the irony in saying the Universal Credit uplift has “run its course” whilst he pockets £100,000 in subsidies.

The only way to rid ourselves of this talking pretender and the office of Secretary of State for Scotland is for Scotland to become an independent country.

Sandy Gordon