BORIS clearly doesn’t live in the here and now. Clearly he isn’t dreading a shortage on the shelves, he hasn’t to make the difficult decision of choosing between staying warm or eating.

He argues an upbeat view of the future, says the difficulties of the moment are a necessity, merely symptoms before we get to the promised land of high wages and a booming economy. What’s he drinking? And how is he going to do it?

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By leaving it to market forces and businesses to get us out of this mess. His Tory faithful may buy this but the majority of people definitely don’t. He’s so like the Dickens character Mr Macawber and his optimistic view “that something will turn up.” Mr Macawber eventually emigrated to Australia ... if only Boris would!!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus

IS it true that once Michael Gove has levelled up the A83 it will just be known as the “Be Thankful”?

Richard Easson