MUCH has been happening on the political front, with comment reaching fever pitch on both social media and the press. With party conferences to the fore and the pundits hard at work, what does a mere observer have to say on the subject?

I would suggest that at last I finally see the seeds of independence bedding in to our nation’s psyche. Many across the divide see UK politics for what it is: completely bankrupt of progressive social ideas and policies, totally absent of any empathy with every level of our society, who right now are wrestling with the catastrophic consequences of a post-Brexit UK and post-Covid recovery. To this can be added the “head in the sand” approach to the global environmental crisis which presently besets us all.

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Many would say that I must be talking about the Tories! Well not exactly. This analysis applies to all the main opposition UK parties perhaps excluding the Greens. Two words underpin these parties at this time: DENIAL and DELUSIONAL. It is clear that the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories have metamorphosised into a “one Brexit” and “one Covid recovery” voice with not only a wafer-thin difference in their rhetoric and policies but with an almost inability to see the reality of what is happening both economically and socially to the people of the UK at this time.

This is even more so in Scotland, where in these three opposition parties “denial and delusion” manifests itself in their rabid opposition to Scottish independence. The Tories head the list. Masters in denial, it is there for all to see. How can anyone NOT see the disaster Brexit really is. Empty shelves, petrol shortages, labour shortages, drastic falls in our exports, increasing inflation (latest 4%), so-called new global trade agreements not materialising, NHS pressures and companies moving HQs to Europe, to mention but a few.

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Denying that the economy is in a perilous state, Johnson and his Cabinet ministers make the situation worse with fiscal policies that smack of recession and not growth. National Insurance rises, cuts to Universal Credit, ending the furlough scheme support, ending the triple lock guarantee for pensioners and of course the massive increase in the cost of household electricity and gas.

Breathtakingly, instead of recognising that an economic tsunami is descending on the UK, they lemming-like add political changes which are delusional in the extreme. Immigration restrictions, reneging on agreements with the EU, creating trade agreements detrimental to the UK, just to say Brexit is working! At home destroying devolution in the other nations of the UK, risking the Good Friday peace agreement, all to create the delusion of a UK under the tired flag of the Union. The greatest delusion of all is their failure “to see” Scotland. A withering, constant battle using all their “armoury” to subjugate our nation into an English region. Union Jackery at every level, circumventing our parliament.

Worst of all their complete unsustainable DENIAL, despite the result of our ballot boxes, of our democratic right to decide our future. Even more in denial than the UK Goverment are Labour and the LibDems. Watching their conferences and listening to their delusional rhetoric, the word sympathy comes to mind. Both stuck in the past, denying their “reality”. Nothing to offer, living in a bygone age. In Scotland they are the irrelevant rumps of parties opposing everything SNP , branch offices with nothing constructive to offer. South of the Border they are stuck with this inept opposition. Here in Scotland, independence is our exit from the disaster that is the UK.

Dan Wood