IT is more important than ever to be aware of the stark, brutal reality of the situation we face.

Labour is dead; the implosion is real; they are a spent force; no direction; no leadership.

The LibDems never really were; they play at it; they pontificate; no direction; no leadership.

The Greens are a nice idea but will never get the support alone, especially in England.

Independence is the ONLY way for Scotland to build on, and take future advantage of, the natural resources available, the skill sets the people have, and the wealth of trade available once back in the common market, with a strong relationship with the EU that is within reach.

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And it isn’t about us – readers of The National. It’s about future generations. Your children and grandchildren. The ten years after independence is won will be tough; make no mistake. But in the grand scheme of things, within the grand scale of a nation’s lifespan, it is but a flesh wound. The Scots and their extended family have the fortitude to push through the teething problems.

Tell everyone who will listen – “Vote YES!!!”

Because the ONLY other option is continued Tory power. They aren’t going anywhere. England is in trouble if it thinks, as a majority voting electorate, that a faux-empire with colonial denialism in play is the way to power and serenity. It isn’t. It’s a fallacy fed to you hook, line, and sinker by the state broadcaster of the Conservative Party. It’s not even up for dispute any longer.

I see and hear xenophobic notions and thoughts running right up the backbone of England. The racism isn’t even thinly veiled any longer. It’s there. Thoughts of dominance, as the people are treated like vermin, are front and centre, straight out of Downing Street.

It isn’t an accusation any longer – it’s the reality. It isn’t an opinion – it’s happening.

I’ve even seen the upper working classes develop selfish dreams of betterment, fawning to the establishment, wanting to be part of the ruling classes. No matter where that entitlement comes from, it’s there now. Worn down by feeling let down appears the reasoning.

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“We might as well join them, those at the top. Nothing to lose now.”


Labour especially has led them to capitulate, and they now crave that which 50 years ago was unthinkable. Blair started the rot – dressed as a Labourite, but eschewing an almost venture capitalist attitude, promoted in an underhand manner by the most vicious spin doctors we’ve seen in modern times. It was the beginning of the end for many working-class communities. And Brown – well, we’ve seen where his heart is.

People have turned to dreams of Empire; of rule; of master and servant; of cronyism as an acceptable way of gaining your spoils – your pot of gold.

Independence is not only vital, it will save Scotland from becoming Scotlandshire – another colony of Tory-dominated Britain. The thought makes me sick to the stomach. Truly.

Stop the infighting. Band together. Don’t let it happen.

Seriously. Just don’t let it happen.

Toby Hirst

KEIR Starmer has been advised by the Scottish Fabians that he would need 25 Scottish seats at Westminster to form a stable government (Starmer ‘cannot afford’ not to focus on winning over voters north of the Border, Sep 25). The Labour Party also does not wish to go into any agreement with the SNP in Westminster to form a majority. Keir Starmer has already already accepted an advisory referendum being put into practice by the Tories, that is to say over Brexit. Therefore they have no objection to such a system of democracy.

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If the Labour Party, in co-operation with the Scottish Government, agreed to a set of draft laws which gave Scotland the right to hold binding referendums on independence or any other matter, which law automatically coming into force when Labour formed the next UK Government, this would free voters such as myself to use my Westminster vote tactically and support Labour. This would free the SNP from the task of fighting a useless and archaic election for Westminster.

This process should be carried out immediately, as based on the way things are going an election may be just round the corner.

Then we will be negotiating with a Labour government for the details of the separation holding the whip hand, particularly if we could drum up 50 Labour MPs like in the good old days. Even if Labour still don’t win down south, they would be viewed more sympathetically here where we can still work to fill Holyrood with pro-independence MSPs to work on our revitalised state.

Iain WD Forde

SO the fugitive Prince Andrew – from justice, the press and the British public – is to receive a platinum jubilee medal.

Is this breathtaking arrogance and effrontery an attempt to rehabilitate Andrew’s tattered reputation? Yet another medal to the collection on Andrew’s already heavily bemedalled chest, most of which he hasn’t earned or won.

I suspect the British public will be somewhat less than delighted with this inappropriate conferment.

Sandy Gordon

CAN I just say that I agree with Ofcom rating Yoon as more offensive than Nat (‘Nat’ and ‘Yoon’ on offensive list, Sep 30).

I would not be offended by being called a Nat but would be mortified if anyone ever called me a Yoon.

John Vosper
Port Glasgow

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I WOULDN’T be in the least offended of someone called me a Nat, but I’d be blazing mad if I was called a Yoon!!

Ann Leitch
via email