JUST work two more hours to make up the loss of the withdrawal of the temporary £20/week uplift to Universal Credit! The words of Therese Coffey, Secretary of State at the Dept of Work and Pensions!

A solution for the 5.9 million claimants on UC, it reminds me of another Conservative catchphrase in the 1980s relating to employment: “get on yer bike”. Just like then it is out of touch with reality, it is insulting and shameful.

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Surely Ms Coffey is basing her analysis and solution on her own salary. Because for claimants of UC, who will inevitably be low earners, two hours on the National Living Wage will only accumulate £6.60 after the government has taken 63p in the pound off the benefit for additional earnings! The pandemic has seen a doubling in the number claiming UC (to 5.9 million), and the withdrawal of the £20/week along with the end of furlough this month could see a spike in unemployment figures.

Westminster government ministers should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for their thoughtless and ruthless words and deeds.

Catriona C Clark