The National:

THE Tory MSP who accused the First Minister of being anti-English in an FMQs heckle has been chosen to question her this week.

As a new MSP, Tess White had barely made a mark on the Scottish Parliament before she caused a major stooshie a fortnight ago. Voters will hope there won't be a repeat on Thursday.

While the Scottish Parliament is arguably less formal than Westminster, it does have a number of rules and conventions — one of those is treating other members with courtesy and respect in the chamber.

White's interjection on September 2 stopped Nicola Sturgeon in her tracks and saw her make an unprecedented complaint to the Presiding Officer.

At the time, the FM was responding to a question from Glasgow Labour MSP Pauline McNeill on what the Scottish Government is doing to tackle racism, when she stated that she wants the nation to be "an open, welcoming country for all".

White's words weren't picked up by Parliament TV microphones, but Conservative sources said she'd called out "unless you’re English".

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The North East list MSP later apologised, saying: "My comments during First Minister’s Questions were over the line and I would like to withdraw them and apologise to both the chamber and the First Minister."

And PO Alison Johnstone warned: "I would just like to say further that the fact that, on this occasion, no further action will be taken does not in any way detract from the seriousness with which I view this incident. Members muist be in no doubt at all that I expect that their conduct at all times will be worthy of that of a member of the Scottish Parliament."

White will likely have that warning in mind when she takes part in FMQs this week, when she's been selected to ask a question.

She'll ask Sturgeon "what action the Scottish Government is taking to prevent cyber-attacks on public bodies".

It's hard to imagine there'll be any kind of repeat burach just yet, but White's progress through this parliamentary session will surely be watched closely.