THE leader of the Unite trade union is playing catch-up with the Scots. Sharon Graham emphatically declares: “My union will no longer rely on Labour.”

That is a damning indictment of Labour, but we Scots saw that more than a decade ago. As Labour up here flounder and morph from their traditions to being cheerleaders for the Tory Union; tacitly accept that the Scottish vote is to accept rule from the Tories, the party the country rejected nearly 50 years ago; and accept the power grab from devolved governments, it must be crisis indeed when one of Labour’s trades union supporters has lost confidence and openly expresses it.

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It must now be time for Labour supporters for indy in Scotland to read the runes and go indy2! Labour are a lost cause, having forgotten in Scotland what the cause was! After their jig with the Tories, they are merely a toady-party for the Union and here it is without principle, purpose and integrity. If a trade union publicly gives up on Labour, Labour is long gone!

John Edgar