ISOLATION and lack of social contact has given everyone much time for reflection and expression of frustration over the past year. Not only have we been plagued by endless incompetence from Westminster over recent years, but there is a growing sense of urgency to be rid of this incompetence and widespread exploitation.

While the SNP in government have worked tirelessly toward keeping abreast of the Covid pandemic, there are other groups now taking up the slack in moving the independence campaign forward. The All Under One Banner march in Stirling on Saturday and The National/Believe in Scotland Day of Action campaign initiative on September 18 are good examples.

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These are developments which reflect the widespread pent-up emotion and energy regarding our need for independence and I feel merit encouragement and support from our governing party.

I believe Yes Hubs, and other independence seeking movements are perfectly honourable in their efforts and that the SNP must co-operate with ALL civilised forces for independence and encourage participation in the campaigning activities by their members.

Tom Gray