WITH the tragedy of Afghanistan, including Syria and Iraq, along with the shambles of Brexit and the pain of Covid, serial lying is now threatening the political process. The lack of trust and confidence in our leaders is now worldwide.

The journalist and writer Peter Oborne, a one-time confidant of Boris Johnson, has written about his “habitual lies”, leading to a collapse of trust in politics. In his book The Assault on Truth, he describes how Johnson “doesn’t seem to care what is true or false”. Former French ambassador Sylvia Bermann, in her book Goodbye Britannia, attacked Johnson for lying during the Brexit campaign. Further allegations that the PM has misled parliament and is breaking international law on the signed Brexit treaty point to critical times ahead.

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We had assurances in 2014 that Scotland would remain in the EU, promises to protect Scotland’s fishing and farming industry during the Brexit negotiations, and guarantees about the Erasmus programme. These and more were never delivered. The collapse of truth in Westminster is now fatal.

Grant Frazer