THE urgent recovery of Scotland’s national sovereignty, amply justified since 2014 and more so now by exposed London incompetence, must not be compromised by external events. With each passing day the Westminster government recognisably does damage to Scotland – to its institutions, its industry, its commercial life, the way of life of its people, and most destructively to its ability to counter or obviate its appalling actions. Such is the evolutionary result of 314 years of Scottish life since 1707. All of Scotland’s people must unite to undo those results. The aim is above party politics. The crossroads have been reached.

Fellow-supporters of Scottish independence, the Greens and the Scottish National Party, have dramatically, constructively, courageously secured an initiative over Westminster by a judicious negotiation, demonstrating the recognition of the opportunity, indeed necessity, of a joint pursuit of that independence.

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Scotland must manage its own affairs and lifestyle. Westminster has been consigned to a defence of the now untrusted, inefficient and elitism- dominated Union, facing a democratically elected Scottish Government in Holyrood that has authoritatively established the majority voice for its achievable goal.

That voice is of the future of our country, Scotland, eager and equipped to succeed in a changing world, while that of the Union is mired in the past, its feet of clay plodding from crisis to crisis, from disaster to disaster, in pursuit of a world position that no longer exists, and a domestic position that has ever exclusively favoured Westminster.

The fantasists of the Union are already hard at work, “proving” how, on the basis of the status quo, an economic disaster looms for a free Scotland, while ignoring its fiscal advantages currently identified when independent of the Union. It is hugely significant that the analysis of our future potential, for example as demonstrated in detail in Scotland the Brief, has never at any time been refuted. It is a fact also that there are in the Unionist ranks those brave and independent enough to support the financial viability of an independent Scotland.

The unconscionable alternative is the never-ending reliance upon the whim of Westminster and its equally never-ending ambition to own Scotland. A referendum is not an opportunity devised by Westminster for the Union to say “No”, but the prerequisite of our right to recover sovereignty and to undo the damage of 314 years of unwanted domination by a system that will forever keep Scotland’s voice in London ineffective.

John Hamilton

THE goons for the yoons are now a trio. Annie Wells, and Murdo Fraser are now joined by Tess White – all prepared to make a fool of themselves on a daily basis to stay in the headlines and try to take the shine off the Scottish Government and try to get us to forget how terrible Johnson, Gove, Raab, Hancock, Patel, Coffey etc all are.

Tess White was made to apologise. In my mind that was not sufficient – she should have been suspended immediately. A forced apology is no apology at all, and to me she did not appear in the least contrite. It is all just part of a game to them, and making an apology is just a hiccup along the way.

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Collaboration and working together for the good of Scotland is a misnomer to them – their job seems to be to disrupt, complain and insult.

And of course D Ross is missing in action – learning well from his pal Ruthie. When the going gets tough, disappear – you can be sure the BBC will not come after you.

Winifred McCartney

THERE’S no doubt that Tory MSP Tess White’s comment during First Minister’s Questions was ignorant, inflammatory and racist. However, her sly implied criticism of the First Minister, the Scottish Government or even the people of Scotland (according to Tory apologists at BBC Scotland) should be examined within a Conservative political context

that deals in baseless facts, slanderous assertions and meaningless soundbites.

Ms White, like her Tory colleagues, is obviously not an advocate of a diverse and multicultural society and her sneering prejudice and ill-concealed loathing for the values of our Scottish Parliament are disgraceful and pathetic in equal measure. She is a product of Johnson’s reactionary, Brexit-addled UK and represents the amoral, unprincipled morass that the Conservative party has become.

As supermarkets struggle to cope with the ongoing effects of Brexit and the most vulnerable families in the UK are about to become considerably poorer, individuals like Tess White are locked in their own traditionalist right-wing bubble making offensive and puerile comments to try and justify their MSPs’ salaries.

Like the hapless Murdo Fraser and inept Annie Wells, she has never actually won a seat to our parliament but has her party’s list to thank for her seat. Her presence speaks volumes about the paucity of talent in Conservative ranks.

Owen Kelly

MOVING to music slightly behind the beat is not easy, and to achieve success in this art form takes decades of practice and hours of over-indulgence. For years I have been a dedicated adherent of this difficult skill, and because of the recent involvement of a Cabinet minister, I’m delighted to think that “Dad Dancing” might soon become mainstream. Thank you Michael Grove – quite remarkable – you even kept your jacket on!

Bill Drew

JUST watched Gove-a-go-go. I think we can all agree – he’s a champ dancer.

James Arthur
via email