THOSE trying to intimidate the SNP leadership into knee-jerk reactions should look past the headline percentage result, which is still good considering we are waiting for a referendum to be called and commencement of campaigning near the time, which will drive up figures (Poll putting Yes at 48% support is a ‘wake-up call’ for SNP, June 28). All those complaining appear to be doing just that – complaining, and not following the sage advice of “don’t say, do.”

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The statistics that are more interesting are the underlying ones further in the article showing 46% say there should not be a referendum in the next few years. 19% said it should be held in the next 12 months, and 35% said it should be in the next two to five years.

Don’t say, do! Have you brought anyone over to indy? If not, you are the one in need of a “wake-up call”. The SNP have done their bit and will continue to do so, but it will mainly be you that will do the convincing, so start now. You don’t require permission, so what are you waiting for?

Christine Smith

EVEN Wee Ginger Dug, a staunch supporter of SNP policies, is sounding rather doubtful about their current lack of preparation for an independence referendum in the near future, writing that “they need to show progress” (How SNP can quieten the critics over indyref2, June 29).

We were promised during the election that indyref2 would be held in the second year of this administration, but now it has quietly slipped to “before the end of the parliamentary term.” Another wasted two years at least, and there is still no sign of any attempt to set up a powerful team to address the outstanding questions which failed us in 2014. Without a strong voice promoting the benefits of independence the Unionists will make hay, as the latest opinion polls indicate.

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We know there is a pandemic, but not every parliamentarian is working on that. There are 120 MPs and MSPs, so surely a few to spare.

Very few people are demanding an instant referendum but many, including Wee Ginger Dug, are beginning to ask themselves why there is no sign of any progress whatsoever.

The SNP were set up with only one aim and they should never forget it.

James Duncan

ALISTER “Union” Jack is still talking about our second independence referendum as being “divisive”. How does he think we could be any more divided than we are now or in fact have been since day one of the Union? If he thinks Unionist hegemony will make us less divided he has failed to understand the very first thing about democracy; losing a vote does not mean we have to defer to the winner and go meekly back into the political shadows.

The way to end division is for Scotland to put this issue firmly to bed by grasping our independence so that all but the most rabid supporters of the toxic Union can come together to build a fair and prosperous country.

In the words of the other bard, Mr Jack: “Your old road is rapidly ageing. Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend a hand, for the times are a-changing”.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews

WHY would Scotland want to be part of a Union that wants to ship asylum seekers off to offshore detention centres, a Union that questions the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and a Union that has no conscience for thousands facing poverty as a result of the pandemic?

This question arises as I despair at Home Secretary Priti Patel’s proposal’s for asylum seekers, people fleeing from conflict and war, to effectively be deported from the UK!

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Asylum seekers have and still are making a huge contribution to our economy, our NHS, our care sector and much more. Those outrageous proposals could realistically only come from a Conservative government – not in my name, as I question being part of this Union. UK Conservative government are taking the Scottish Government to court, not only questioning our democracy in Scotland, but questioning the UNCRC – well, not in my name, again questioning being part of this Union.

Finally, families are facing poverty and hardship yet the UK Conservative government refuses to consider reaching out and piloting a scheme to introduce a Universal Basic Income, something the Scottish Parliament is keen to introduce. So, back to my question: why would Scotland want to be part of a Union that treats our fellow human beings in such a inhumane way? Answer through your own conscience.

Catriona C Clark

HOW much more is Scotland going to take of being continually told no on a democratic independence referendum? Let’s have a vote to remove Trident, then Scotland’s MPs recalled to Holyrood and action in the European courts testing the so-called sovereignty of Westminster. Its actions are dictatorial in substance, so let’s call Boris and his rat pack out.

Glen Peters

OH the delicious irony! Just when England legitimately beats Germany after all these years, One Britain One Nation is foisted on all schools, defining South Britain as a region of Greater Britain. And they gave an overwhelming majority to Bojo and gang!

David Anderson
via email

KEVIN McKenna writes about “the Queen and her son William” (Tartan and Irn-Bru will not be enough to save this Union, Your Majesty, June 30). Should someone tell Charles he won’t get the top job?

Archie Drummond