DOMINIC Cummings said that Boris Johnson is a “gaffe machine” who is “clueless” when it comes to policy or government.

Hitting out at his former boss during a Twitter thread about political commentators, Cummings said that Johnson’s lack of ability was a key factor behind the decision not to do an interview with Andrew Neil ahead of the 2019 General Election.

While all other political leaders of major parties did an interview with the former BBC host, Johnson pulled out.

Delivering a monologue which has now been viewed almost eight million times and made the front page of some UK newspapers, Neil slammed the Prime Minister for avoiding scrutiny.

Now, Johnson’s former chief special advisor has revealed that it was due to fear of Johnson making a gaffe due to his lack of knowledge of policy or government.

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On Twitter, in a thread which took aim at members of the London commentariat for being out of touch with the truth, Cummings wrote: “Pundits: not doing ANeil 'a huge campaign blunder'

“Me: why the fu*k wd be put a gaffe machine clueless about policy & government up to be grilled for ages, upside=0 for what?! This is not a hard decision...

“Pundits don't understand comms, power or management. Tune out!”

The former special advisor further highlighted times when members of the UK’s political punditry had gotten calls spectacularly wrong, including when the Daily Mail’s Dan Hodges said that Jeremy Corbyn would not be elected Labour leader, and that Hilary Clinton would “obliterate” Donald Trump in the polls.

Calling Hodges “the Clown Prince”, Cummings said there was a “BIG realignment” occurring in politics and said that “pollsters now must do as Vote Leave did in 2016 and *weight [polling results] by education*”.

The news comes after the former Vote Leave director revealed messages between himself and the Prime Minister which showed Johnson calling Health Secretary Matt Hancock “totally f***ing hopeless”.

Other texts from Johnson to Cummings showed the Prime Minister asking “Wtf [What the f***] do we do?” and struggling to come up with any ideas beyond more meetings and putting Michael Gove on health.