I LISTENED to PM Johnson’s opening speech to the G7 leaders and must say my immediate reaction was one of amazement. His use of that old “better together” catchphrase and working together globally really exposed the hypocrite at work. And then espousing “equality” in the context of an economic recovery that will embrace all our citizens equally – utter hypocrisy from a man, a serial liar, who has preached isolationism, favoured political corruption, undemocratic methods and law-breaking at such a level that has never been witnessed before in this country.

I wondered what President Biden, sitting next to Johnson, made of this “shapeshifter” spouting off such insincere drivel in his presence? The US President’s body language (arms crossed and that sullen look!) really said it all, and his discomfort was clear for everyone to observe. I’m sure he is well-informed on everything he needs to know about this British “Brexit” government and the Tory charlatans within it.

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Other G7 leaders/delegates like Merkel, Macron and Von der Leyen will have sussed out Johnson a long time ago and yet the man still brazenly plays out his own political game of charades knowing full well that the game is up. What I personally dislike about Johnson is the blatant smirking attached to his presentation at such an important event.

I noticed that his Tory cohorts, Patel and Truss, appear to be infected with the same shameless trait and can only assume that they all regard themselves as being politically untouchable and beyond reproach from any critical party – they have acquired absolute power and have got away with their populist lies and deceptions to attain their lofty position with a substantial part of the English populace amazingly giving them the “thumbs up” on almost any indiscretion imaginable.

The word “depressing” comes to mind and from a Scottish perspective it is even more depressing that we appear to be “sitting still” during this pandemic crisis while these Tory chancers are also in the background “playing their pro-union political games” against Scotland and Scottish interests. It is time for the whole independence movement to respond ASAP and the Scottish Government to do likewise!!

Bernie Japs