I HOPE that Yes supporters will not be distracted by responding to the haverings of GB News, which panders to an audience which fair-minded folk will never reach. We have more important work to do.

On a similar theme, I would prefer if the SNP and Scottish Government spent more time promoting the benefits of independence, and ignore Unionist rants. It is a strategy of the latter to dream up nonsense to entice us to waste energy in responding. Rather we should be relentless in showing up the undemocratic constitutional position we are in and forcefully advocating the case for a better future as an independent nation.

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For example, we rarely hear our politicians explaining in interviews the level of mitigations the SG have introduced to give some relief from the Tories idea of welfare. It’s all very well doing this in the House of Commons or in the Holyrood chamber, but these will not be reported. Our politicians should be guided to address the positives of independence in live interviews at every opportunity; this is vital when the bulk of the print and broadcasting media are pro-Union.

Roddie Macpherson