I AM not sure where to start my comments on Alyn Smith’s latest column, “Less social media frenzy and more doorstep campaigning will win independence” (June 2).

I have no problem with the heading and I do agree with his statement “we need to get real”. He claims the SNP are “making history”. Well, given the complete failure to move the independence case forward much in the past seven years I can’t agree with that bit, Alyn.

According to Alyn “we have a troupe of Scottish Government ministers working on that as well as everything else the government needs to work on”. I can see little actual evidence of that now and over the past decade.

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Sad as I am to say it, the polls are not that encouraging. The percentage of those willing and able to vote for independence is firmly stuck. If another referendum was held any time soon the result would be very close to that of 2014.

Waving a wee Euro flag and boldly claiming that “rejoining the EU, the single market and the customs union will put rocket boosters on our recovery” and that EU structural funds will “massively empower local government” will not change the minds of those as yet unconvinced. Possibly rejoining the EU and possibly joining the euro is a very long way away.

Until the SNP can put its own financial house in order will be difficult to claim it can handle the finances of an independent nation. Anyone reading the party’s accounts will see the SNP are clearly not in “good shape” with “sound finances audited by the internal mechanisms of the party”. Three members of the internal audit committee recently resigned, followed in the past few days, by the national treasurer. How do you explain that, Alyn?

The unanswered questions about the £600k independence fund hang over the party like a bad-smelling fog.

I have no wish to, as Alyn claims, start a row in an empty house. I have never trawled the internet for grievance and outrage, but too many questions simply remain unanswered.

Glenda Burns