I LIKED John Drummond’s very good article about the Tory British government’s assault on democracy and the underhand methods deployed to make it happen (This Conservative government has murdered decency and morality – now they plan to kill democracy, Seven Days, May 16).

This is a stark reminder to all Scottish citizens of this continuous threat to our democratic rights and freedom as citizens of this small sovereign country in which we live, and that the quest for Scotindy is the best way to finally rid ourselves of this fascist type of governance together with their complicit media/press cohorts who are hell-bent on forcing a flawed political ideology on a Scottish populace that doesn’t want it and regards the Tories and Brexit as toxic in the extreme.

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Regarding the irregular practise of listing pseudo green parties during the Scottish election, I must say this glaring textual breach of electoral rules was so self-evident on my own assigned “peach form” that I debated the issue with my wife after leaving the polling station in Edinburgh; the theme of the conversation focused on the fact it was the first time I ever double-checked the logo and title of a specific political party, namely the Scottish Green Party. Hence I’m not surprised that many voters were probably duped by this deception.

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May I also add that it was disappointing to see that Scottish Green Party officials didn’t spot this anomaly and subsequently issue a formal complaint to the Electoral Commission well before polling day. In the case of a bogusly named Independent Green Party, the preceding adjectives attached to this political group were damning when one scrutinises what it actually is and the fascist element it represents.

However, I still believe the Electoral Commission should be held to account regarding this deception that its officials failed to identify. It was their gaffe – they need to fix it and recover their tainted reputation in the eyes of many Scottish voters like myself!!!

Bernie Japs