WOULD it be possible for someone to please explain to me what Alex Salmond’s end game is?

He and his supporters appear to be indulging in gotterdammerung, looking to bring down the FM, the SNP, the Scottish Government and the entire independence movement in order to make him feel better. It appears that as long as Alex is “all right”, everything else can go to pot.

Or does he believe that if the FM goes – an FM who people respected and believed could deliver on independence – he will make a triumphant return to politics and lead us to the promised land? Good luck with that.

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What about those of us who have supported the cause of independence all our lives?

Are we just to be thrown over so that the former FM can justify himself in the most destructive manner and feel better about himself?

The Scottish Government made mistakes in process and procedure, of that there is no doubt, but to bring the world crashing down around our ears is a step too far.

If anyone has any answers to this, I’d much obliged.

Colin Waddell