I FOUND Stephen Paton’s column on conspiracy theories (February 22) to be very prescient and needed at this time, when we’ve seen conspiracy theories in the US translate to real-world violence at the US Capitol. Which made it all the more disappointing to read in Monday’s Long Letter someone who believes that postal votes may not be safe.

Postal voting is as safe as voting in person, there are plenty of safeguards to ensure there’s no tampering, and with the pandemic continuing, it is understandable that many people – especially those who are clinically vulnerable – will prefer to vote by post than attend the polling station in person. Spreading conspiracies about postal votes will discourage people from voting and reduce turnout, especially among disabled people who are more likely to be at risk from Covid-19. I think we all need to keep a level head going into this election, and remember that although it will be unlike any election before it, our votes will be safe, our votes will be counted, and our votes will matter.

Sam Melnick

East Renfrewshire