REMEMBER when the smoking ban came in? I can recall smokers saying that they would never abide by it. Well, they do now.

As for those who went about saying that they would never wear anti-Covid masks – same result. Masks are now generally accepted.

And now we have those assuring the rest of us that they will never allow themselves to be vaccinated against the biggest health threat for 100 years.

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Both the First Minister and the Prime Minister have made it clear that vaccination will not be compulsory. Apparently, “it’s not the way we do things”.

There is, however, a way round this problem. The UK Government should simply refuse to issue a passport without the production of a valid vaccination certificate.

Or alternatively, insist on the production of a valid vaccination certificate by anyone thinking of travelling abroad.

I look forward to watching anti-vaxxers facing the following dilemma. Vaccination, or lose my annual holiday in the sun?

No compulsion at all, mind.

Keith Halley