GEORGE Kay’s letter (November 18) is succinct and to the point.

As Scots voted for the present parliament at Holyrood and have done so for the last number of years, the problem now with No 10 and the Tories is that they only accede to the democratic vote if one votes for them.

They have never formed the government at Holyrood since its inception, as the population at large know that they opposed it during the referendum which confirmed Holyrood’s establishment.

Now we can perceive that they are intent on destroying it.

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Beyond that, the Tory stock fell last December in Scotland. The Tories lost half of their MPs from Scotland and Labour was reduced to one MP. The LibDems lost their UK leader in the process. A disastrous result for the Unionists, but very encouraging for the majority Scottish vote which reduced the Unionist parties to onlookers.

There is a danger that trends will start to appear in the Unionist propaganda that only UK parties loyal to the Union are the true embodiment of the vote in Scotland. Will we see “rules” being implemented that parties must sign an oath of allegiance to the Union in order to participate in elections, as the UK “fragments” even more? We must remember that in the first devolution referendum Labour introduced the 40% rule as a way of chicanery!

Fears of “rigging” from the Crown in Parliament may be alarmist, but Westminster has no written constitution and can distort accepted norms to sustain its continued hold on absolute power. I say “Westminster” as one can see in the power grab already in these tendencies. Also, there are moves afoot to restrict the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction in constitutional matters.

If the present London parliament can even pass laws to renege on international treaties, what destruction of democratic rights at home can be contemplated in future and implemented? The recent prorogation of parliament, agreed to by the monarch, was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court!

John Edgar

KEVIN McKenna’s excellent piece in yesterday’s National makes it clear what “Better Together” really meant (Devolution has been a disaster for no-one other than the Tory cult, November 18). Better together in the unelected House of Lords. Baron Robertson of Port Ellen, Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale, Baron Darling of Roulanish and Baron Foulkes of Cumnock – plain George, Jack, Alistair and George have all made it, and are better together down there than back in Scotland.

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There was a time – 1966 for example – when as many as 46 Scottish Labour politicians could look forward to a seat and a lifetime’s career at Westminster. Now they are reduced to Ian Murray and the four Barons. How are the mighty fallen!

Mike Fergus

IN the midst of this dreadful global pandemic, I was encouraged to read your article “2021 launch for Scots child disability benefit” (November 18) and the subsequent page with much information regarding the work of Social Security Scotland.

We all must remember Social Security Scotland has only been established for just over two years and has a massive remit. Like most government departments it has taken a real-terms knock due to Covid and seen many targets and deadlines for the introduction of new benefits put on hold. However, in these rather uncertain times we are all living through, it was especially encouraging to read of the launch of the Scottish Child Payment, currently open for application for children under six years of age.

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In this article the social security minister Shirley-Anne Sommerville highlighted that Social Security Scotland is taking a fresh approach to benefits, treating claimants with fairness, dignity and respect, meeting the claimant on their terms and in their local environment. No more inaccessibility, but instead inclusiveness coupled with availability. This is indeed a whole fresh approach going forward, not just for the individual and families, but for the country. A step in the right direction if we are to be the socially just society I am sure we all aspire to.

Catriona C Clark

I WRITE to complain about Wee Ginger Dug’s latest article (Here’s how we know just how rattled Unionists are, November 17). The establishment “keeching its Union Jack knickers” made me laugh so much I nearly wet my own Saltire knickers. Long may he continue!

Alan Jardine

WHY are the people of Mearnskirk having to fight for a new home for the Peter Pan statue? (Letters, November 17). My understanding is that there is a requirement for public bodies to consult with communities when disposing of surplus property. Why has NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde not done so before the disposal?

Willie Oswald