WELL, the Number 10 horror show shenanigans have just erupted once more for the the long-suffering British public to see and to hang their heads in despair. This pantomime at the heart of the Westminster government just keeps on giving. There are no bounds as to its banality and its ability to surprise.

In the real world of politics such goings-on would have been an affront to democracy. Sadly we are so used to it we all simply shake our heads as it has become so commonplace.

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The parallels with the now-doomed Trump administration are there for all to see, and as the USA start hopefully to put Trump behind them, don’t worry, the Trump clone Johnson and his cabal will take over his mantle and admirably continue to provide us with the same gob-smacking amusement and concern.

It seems the players at the heart of this pantomime have fallen out big time, with the lead actors shouting “look behind you”. The male lead in charge bumbles on, trying to placate the court jester Cummings, while the unhappy bit players are either resigning and/or being cast aside or undermined.

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It is alleged that even the non-elected partner of Mr Johnson has got in on the act. You could not make this up! While this farce continues, the UK is suffering the largest number of Covid-19 deaths (50,000-plus) in Europe, people are losing their jobs, going hungry, suffering physical and mental health issues, just to mention a few of the consequences of this terrible pandemic.

The Tory right-wing British nationalist government running this country have much to answer for in 2020. In 2021 us Scots can show the way out of this sorry mess through the Holyrood ballot box, and with great anticipation and hope for the future take our first steps on the inevitable road to independence and leave this broken, stuck-in-the-past, so-called United Kingdom.

Dan Wood

IT’S interesting how some National contributors are using the descriptive parallel of both Johnson and Trump when writing about either.

Why on earth would a Prime Minister of a Tory government, admittedly all nimcompoops, want to imitate a supposedly world leader who, during his four-year tenure, tore his country in two, insulted his own people and a few world leaders, and who has now paid the price on his attempted re-election by, not unsurprisingly, losing?

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Is the Westminster government so taken in by Trump’s Republican stance and mesmerising street-talk speeches, and his ability to exaggerate to the point of actually lying to his public? Or maybe they, Johnson et al, thinks that he, the Donald, did it all better than themselves and so decided to continue their own way of allegedly governing but with a “Trumpian” edge to it. Who knows what this band of political heretics in Westminster will achieve next with their nationally destroying bag of Brexit bricks.

With the new American leadership of Joe Biden taking on an opposite stance where democracy is concerned, Johnson has lost his opposite number, Donald Trump, and at the same time chosen to forsake all the EU advantages. All this in exchange for the pretence that the UK might become again that long-forgotten name of Great Britain.

Whatever is in the Brexit store for the four UK nations can only end in the destruction not only of a once-respectable Conservative party but also its much revered United Kingdom.

The remaining three countries, namely Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each have a way out by becoming totally independent and free of England and its destructive Westminster parliament.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

JOHN Major is trying to take the Scottish people for fools.

First of all, any decision to be taken should be by the Scottish electorate, no-one else. As is widely accepted – indeed as even a Tory MP in Westminster stated – no country can be stopped from removing itself from a treaty which no longer serves its purpose. Of course, it could be argued this treaty never ever benefited Scotland.

His idea of two referenda is based on one purpose only. They know fine well they will lose the next referendum. What they will then do is what you can currently see them doing with Brexit. Simply, they negotiate in bad faith. They always have, always will. They tried to do so after the Smith Commission by trying to withhold £7 billion from the Scottish budget. Had it not been for an alert SNP, they would have succeeded.

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They would delay talks, and try to frighten the population in any way they could. They would make ludicrous demands – eg for us to continue to pay “our” share of HS2, new London sewerage scheme, Crossrail, Trident, to name only a few – as well as dragging their heels over Trident removal.

They would hope to sicken our people, hoping we get fed up and be willing to go back to the welcoming bosom of Westminster. They will put the BBC and mainstream media into overdrive, with the aid of MI5, dark money, and more.

This idea should be totally rejected. It is his version of a Trojan Horse!

We can see through him.

Mick McCready

SHOULD someone not ask our Governor-general Alister Jack the following question?

If I am offered a round-the-world cruise and tell my friends and neighbours it is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, does that mean that I have promised that I

will not go on another for at least 25 to 40 years, even if my circumstances change and a lottery win a few years later means I could go again?

P Davidson