I READ that under the aegis of an organisation, Hanbury, Ameet Gill, one-time director of strategy under David Cameron, and Paul Stephenson, director of communications for the Pro-Brexit Vote Leave campaign, have produced a report dedicated to strategies for dealing with the surge towards Scottish independence. James Kanagasooriam of the 2016 Conservative campaign in Scotland is also connected to Hanbury.

Some of the listed strategies include a “hard-hitting, attack focussed" campaign again Nicola Sturgeon; attacks on Scottish Government’s record since 2007, and persuading Scots and Europeans that there is no way back to the EU community for Scotland if independent.

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Gove is quoted as denying any Westminster awareness of or involvement in the study. Who is paying for this?

It highlights Westminster’s ineptitude in handling what is viewed as an inevitable struggle with Scotland over independence, and the lengths it could be going to to thwart the will of the Scottish people. Here we go again! 2014 in spades!

E Ahern
East Kilbride