THE tenth consecutive poll showing solid support for Scottish independence is a seminal moment. The momentum is now with the Yes movement. Its difficult to see how Unionists can recover.

Without doubt the toxic mix of the Covid-19 pandemic and the almost inconceivable laziness, arrogance, greed, venality and incompetence of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson are the driving factors.

Nicola Sturgeon has in contrast been competent, concise and an effective communicator. Her response has been politicised and undermined at every turn by Unionist politicians and media.

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British Unionists are out of ideas. All they offer up are a mix of threats and apocalyptic warnings from crusty old dinosaurs who sit in the House of Lords. Or has-beens like George Galloway or never-going-to-be’s like Douglas Ross. There is no positive message.

The United Kingdom is crumbling. Internal borders have been imposed by the Tories in the Irish Sea and in Kent for freight. The Welsh Labour government have brought in a de facto border crossing with England. No more will British Unionists be able to talk about an independent Scotland bringing in border posts with rUK.

In this context the Tories have decided to give themselves and other MPs an 11% pay rise. All while giving NHS staff nothing. Earlier this year the cronies in the House of Lords got an increase in their daily allowance.

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The Tories have had a woeful response to worst pandemic in a century. The UK has had the third worst death toll in the world. They have presided over the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and maybe even the South Sea Bubble of 1720, the greatest collapse in GDP (20% Q2), the highest number of people unemployed (1.5 million) since the 1980s, and nearly £2 trillion in debt.

Within this fog the Tories have given no-bid public contracts to their cronies and donors. This has obliterated key planks of the state and society including the rule of law, separation of powers, holding the government accountable, and the media as a vehicle for informing the people. The Tories have turned the UK Government into a spigot for the super-rich and allowed them to avoid paying tax. All this while everyone else sees their living standards eviscerated.

The UK is moribund corrupt and despised. It’s in a weak state and it will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Alan Hinnrichs

MIXED emotions to see your headline on Wednesday that “three-quarters of Scot ready to vote Yes if they believe we’d be better off”.

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As one who has been an avid independentista since the mid-sixties, I have always believed that the holding of a Scottish passport would transcend all else, and whether we were “better off” or had to pay more tax to attain the social aims of the Scottish people, then that would be sufficient incentive to vote Yes. Those less able to pay tax would be supported by those who can afford it.

Perhaps the polls should differentiate between those who believe in “selfish” aims and those who are “true” independentistas!

Paul A Gillon

BORIS Johnson has a way with words – it’s called “lies”. Cabinet members are required to follow suit. The other day Liz Truss (Cabinet member responsible for trade deals) stood at the despatch box and assured the House of Commons that if the USA pushed for inclusion of food products that do not meet UK standards for animal welfare and food quality, the UK would walk away from any trade deal.

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The government has now found a way to circumvent this, which is to set in motion the lowering of UK standards (recent bill passed in parliament). The justification being that developing countries would not have the opportunity to sell cheap food to us if they had to meet higher standards.

As a consequence, the UK would be banned from exporting food products to the EU. The ironic thing is that the UK was the catalyst for improving food standards and animal welfare throughout the EU.

Surely the script for all this was written by some pantomime author.

Mike Underwood

I’VE always read George Kerevan’s articles, though not always in agreement with their content.

As regards the Holyrood elections, my considered opinion is now both votes for SNP, but I would not try to dissuade anyone whose preference on the list would be for Greens or SSP, because those parties have confirmed independence credentials and policies on other matters for Scotland.

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What is necessary is that the next Holyrood parliament has a majority of MSPs who are comprised of these three parties and who collectively have a majority of votes cast.

In respect of George’s piece, which in the main is hypothetical, it contains a complete opposite to what I have read him express before. The consistent theme of much of his written opinions on political work and actions is that at its base there should be grassroots democracy and practice (something I agree with him on).

Apparently this would not be the case in an Alex Salmond party, but would be a top-down centralism under Salmond edict.

And Unionists accuse the SNP of being a cult!

Bobby Brennan

IN these worrying and depressing times one thing is assured. Every Tuesday on completion of the Wee Ginger Dug’s column I am a happier man than at the onset. Haste ye back, the Yes movement needs you.

Kenny Burnett
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