WELL done to Grassroots Oban for organising an excellent Zoom meeting regarding the D’hondt voting system and the rise of list-only independence-supporting parties.

This event, which had more than 120 people tuning in at one stage, featured John Curtice, Keith Brown (SNP), Lorna Slater (Greens) and

Dave Thompson (Alliance for Independence). All made valuable contributions, with Thompson especially highlighting the potential role of all indy supporters working together for a common aim.

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Although current polling results look good, there is a danger that assuming the SNP will win so many constituency seats could lead to an overall loss of SNP and pro-indy MSPs. It’s clear no party involved in the debate is likely – at this stage – to stand aside for another, so there is more work to do before we can get a coherent voting plan that can be put before the public to maximise the indy vote.

However, it was an excellent event and highlighted that we all have Scotland’s interests in common. Hopefully this could lay the groundwork for more effective campaigning together in any future referendum. Once again, thanks to Grassroots Oban – a very well-run debate.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren