THE pickle that Johnson and co find themselves in is that they cannot honour the Brexit withdrawal treaty they have signed with the EU without fundamentally breaking the Treaty of Union by granting Northern Ireland different trade and customs arrangements from the rest of the UK.

The UK Internal Market Bill is a desperate attempt to paper over the cracks but it is akin to applying a sticking plaster to a gaping wound.

The problem we have in Scotland is that we require a leader who is fully cognisant of the political and constitutional situation we find ourselves in. As ordinary citizens there is nothing we can do; we need our elected representatives to act on our behalf. It really beggars belief that Mr Johnson is willing to sacrifice peace in Northern Ireland in order to save a Union which no longer has any democratic or legal legitimacy.

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Surely it would have been in Mr Johnson’s best interests and those of the people he serves, not to mention ALL the people of these isles, to enter into honest dialogue with the devolved nations? The disdain and contempt in which he holds Scotland will be his undoing.

It is also ironic that Mr Johnson is pursuing a trade deal with the United States on the one hand, and yet prepared to renege on an international treaty he holds with them on the other. He has chosen to take the political path of the wrecking ball, willing to lash out and destroy anything which stands in his way, but like an orange which we hold in our hand and squeeze tighter and tighter, it will eventually explode in our face.

I do not single Mr Johnson out for particular criticism, he is just the worst of a bad lot. Unfortunately, at this critical juncture in history, all of our political leaders have failed us.

Solomon Steinbett