IT is almost unbelievable but it seems nothing is sacred to British nationalism in the new Brexitania, even to the extent of breaking international law.

With the resignation of their Chief Legal Officer and strong opposition from Theresa May, this Westminster government will now introduce the UK Internal Market Bill to accommodate their view of Brexit. This blatant “power grab” bill will seriously undermine devolution and break the Withdrawal Agreement, which was jubilantly signed by Boris Johnson and ratified by both Britain and the EU in January. This summer, before the bill was set for legislation, the Scottish Government decisively rejected its proposals by 92 votes to 31 – the 31 being the Scottish Tory vote.

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It is therefore certain that to preserve the imperial British state, this treacherous UK Tory Government will break international law, undermine devolution and overrule the democratic process with a deep insidious and languid maliciousness.

It is a sad reflection that at its demise, the once trusted and respected United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should be run by a fractious cabal of Johnson, Cummings, Gove and co.

Grant Frazer

THE interview with Alok Sharma on Radio Scotland yesterday morning was more searching than normal but there are some obvious questions which never seem to be asked.

One, even if powers ARE coming back to Holyrood from the EU, they are illusory, and useless if Westminster can ignore or overrule them at will, as the Internal Market Bill makes possible. Two, what is wrong with the present set-up, where trade is not impacted by Scotland having different legislation, such as minimum alcohol pricing, free prescriptions, etc? Three, what is the point of devolution at all, if laws passed in the devolved areas are only upheld if Westminster has, or decides to have, the same laws?

Power devolved or retained?

P Davidson