IN reply to David Roche (Letters, August 11), I have said before in these pages that the English support independence. This is the reason for Brexit. It was sold to them as the means of becoming independent, of standing alone in this world. Unfortunately, they did not read the small print but put their faith in these leaders of men like Johnson, Gove, Farage, Banks etc. These political leaders are in politics for themselves and to keep the rest of us down, hence the family members able to obtain EU passports.

While most of those in England did not think of Scotland at the time, there may be an increasing number who are losing faith with the political scene down there and wishing to come to Scotland for a better life. For this they have to appreciate that the life will only be there if they vote for an independence party.

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There are many contributors to this paper, including myself, who began life in England but now support Scottish independence. It is the Scots who need to get their act together, by ceasing to be Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservative or Scottish Liberal Democrat, by feeling that we can do it and telling everybody else that it is going to happen.

Robert Mitchell

I HAD criticisms of Alan Lammin’s earlier letter making assumptions about people using discreditable words. Now I read that David Roche has similar opinions of us English people who live here in Scotland. He reckons that a majority of the 20% of us (his figures) will not vote for independence but, to quote his own assumption, “will, unsurprisingly, vote the Union ticket”.

Possibly a majority of us (my guess) are married to our Scottish partners and came to Scotland as a matter of choice. It’s people like David Roche who really make me angry with his suggestion almost that if we vote for the Union why are we here in Scotland.

You could put the same question to those Scots living in other countries. But hey, it’s their choice as much as it is my choice, to live with my Scottish wife, in her country.

So David Roche, whatever it is you have against English people, or any other national living here in Scotland, keep your assumptions to yourself before you go public.

Alan Magnus-Bennett