I AM now coming into my 86th year, and 54 of them have been spent in the independence struggle within the SNP. Not long after I joined my local branch I became secretary – there were not many volunteers looking for office at that time.

Over the years I held most of the offices in both branch and constituency, except treasurer, which was my wife’s job. I have travelled all over Scotland north to south, east to west, campaigning in both national and local elections, in great weather and in awful weather. On one occasion even a blizzard did not stop me. We were tough in those days.

I have been delegated to all the major debating organisations of the party and hopefully helped to shape some of its political direction.

I do not always agree with policy decisions reached by the party but I have ALWAYS abided by them, knowing that the prime purpose of the SNP is INDEPENDENCE. That is something that I strongly recommend some members of the party nowadays, and those who are involved in the greater movement, should clearly think long and hard about.

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Divide and rule has been the hallmark of the English/British establishment for centuries and it is of paramount importance that every member within the independence movement should take cognisance of that fact before making judgements on what those in charge are supposed to have said or done. There are many within our ranks who purport to be fighting for independence but they have their own agenda and it’s NOT independence, so I urge you all to be diligent.

Do not think that the English establishment is sitting on its hands doing nothing about losing Scotland. Nothing could be further from the truth – they are working very hard to undermine our movement as they did with many nations over the centuries, not only with their military might but with an army of spies and agent provocateurs. Please, remember the vast majority of us have only one objective – INDEPENDENCE – so stop listening to the stirrers and let’s get the job finished.

Stuart Farquharson
Thornliebank, East Renfrewshire