SO Ruth Davidson goes to the Lords, but she is no lady – as she prefers to put the boot in (even to her loyal deputy for eight years). And as continued payment for her red coat she stands in for Douglas Ross at FMQs until he can be elected to the Scottish Parliament.

He will be spending a lot of time as leader of the Conservatives in Scotland while being a “working” MP, a football linesman and general Tory dogsbody who, with his track record, may even resign before taking up the post.

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Why can’t Ruth stand down now from Scottish Parliament and Douglas Ross could stand in her seat at by-election – or is he just depending on a list seat and will sit on the subs bench until they are no longer even the opposition in Scotland?

Winifred McCartney

BARONESS Davidson of who knows where – which lucky place name will it be?

She was a leading EU Remainer and part of “Operation Arse”, set up to oppose Boris Johnson as party leader/PM. In her resignation as Scottish Tory leader, she cited personal/family reasons and being unable to align with Boris, given his past record and Brexit standpoint.

Ruth now finds it acceptable to board the gravy train, the sordid pantomime, known as the House of Lords under the patronage of – yes, that’s right – one Boris J.

Hypocritical doesn’t come into it. She now endorses arch Brexiter Douglas Ross in his leadership bid!

So we have New Year’s, resignation and now PM’s anniversary honours lists.

Let’s work to end this rotten Westminster union and get the job done.

John Macleod